Searching for Coffee

This is a love story for my adopted home town of LA, and is part of a “future LA” set of stories. Its is a “coming of age” story about a 16-year old girl who thinks she is after one thing, but finds something else instead. If you are feeling like it is a bit if a down-the-rabbit-hole experience, then I did it right.

I have at least one novel idea for this universe, and several additional stories. One of these, “The Electrician” is being shopped as I write this. The others remain only in my notes and head.

A few friends and co-workers are mentioned within, mostly because their personality was close to what I was trying to convey, but a few because I have an evil sense of humor.

The story is longish (22k words), but written in smaller spaces so its easy to set down. Stories this long do not sell well if at all, so I’m giving it away for free. At least for now.

The lovely lady in the cover photo is of Stephanie Witmer of She was kind enough to let me, a perfect stranger, use her photo, which made my day. She is a freelance writer, a mom, and best of all a foodie. If you’re into cooking, and I know half of you are, then you might consider checking out her cook-books: Killer Pies and Killer Chili. Her blog is also recommended by me.

You can download several different versions of the story. The Kindle version has been zipped (3 files compressed into 1), and requires a program like Calibré to install. If that sounds like too much work, try the pdf version instead. The epub file should work in most other e-readers.

Search for Coffee, Kindle version

Searching for Coffee, pdf

Searching for Coffee, epub version

As I’ve said before, all errors are mine, especially when it comes to spelling and grammar.

I happily accept all comments.



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