This is a place to showcase my fiction writing. If you like to read, then help yourself.

The stories are listed below by title. Each has its own page with a short description, and a file to download or a link to this blog. The stories are usually saved in pdf format, although I might also put them up in the Kindle format if anyone asks. As always, your comments are appreciated.

Angel of Death – My first novel. No, you don’t have to read it.

Wisdom – A nice little “evil” short story. Less than 5k words (about 11 pages) long.

Last Dance – A short (under 3k words) ghost story.

The Peaches of St. Ambrose – A post apocalyptic mystery novella (21k words) that takes place at an obscure monastery hundreds of years after our modern world is wiped out in a nuclear holocaust.

Searching For Coffee – A novella (23k words) which takes place in my “Future LA”. Its a coming of age story about a 16 year old girl, her brother, a man who might be real, and the healing power of helping others. And coffee, because, well coffee.

The Electrician – A short story (6k words) about a two men trying to find their futures in changing world. This sorry is another one from my “Future LA” universe. Part of it is about how we use electricity and how that might change over time thanks to innovations in technology, and (more importantly) how those changes might effect those who work with it.

Excerpts from an Unfinished Novel – A series of 5 short essays designed to fit in-between chapters, from a novel idea (code named Vet and Cat) which I had to set aside. One of those day’s I’ll finish it, but until then you can enjoy the fun parts.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

The Sound of Pieces – A short (5900 word) story about a teacher who discovers how to be a human in the middle of a particularly bad day. And when I mean bad, I mean very very bad. Sometimes in the middle of the chaos we get a shot at grace. This was Ester Rodriquez’s, and I’m glad she took it.

On the Bus. This is a short (1400 word) outtake from my novel Angel of Death. I tried to shoehorn this story into the novel, and didn’t like the result. I think it works better as a stand-alone story, and really gets to the heart of Father Juan’s curious curse.

Take Off – A 14,700 word adventure story about a struggling young writer who spends a month embedded with the Cloudies–those mysterious families that roam the Earth like gypsies in their giant gliders called cloud-ships that travel for months on end 10 miles or more above the surface. 

In The Root – A 18,000 word story about the construction of the largest tunnel in the world. The story is pure action adventure with ex-military construction workers caught in the middle of a looming war while being shafted by their idiotic company. It features an ignorant war-seeking President, gratuitous sex, and a reasonably high body count. Basically, if you’ve got a political axe to grind, whether liberal or conservative, I put a target in there for you to root against.

Clever Girl – This is a longer story, almost 19k words, about a girl trapped in a ghost town. It is dark and scary, the perfect Halloween story. Someday I hope to make this into a screen play as I think it might make a good movie.

Hands – A short 1800 words story about an autistic man. I wrote this all in a rush one morning in an attempt to write a surprise turn in a scene.

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