IMG_1709 Welcome to Backwater; the blog and fiction writing of Eric Tolladay. By day I am a mild mannered Photoshop Expert, but at night I write stories of the future and the fantastical. Actually it’s the other way around. I usually write early in the morning, but you get the idea. Occasionally I opine about the nature of the world and American politics. Feel free to skip those parts if you find them boring.


IMG_4325I am also a father, a happily-married husband, a curious consumer of public transportation in Los Angeles (by preference!) and occasionally I ride a longboard. Hang around here long enough and you’ll hear about these things too.

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FYI: The word backwater is a verb, not a noun. In this case it does not refer to a pond or small town, but is a translation of the ancient Greek word anakróuestha (ανακρυησθα) which literally means to row backwards. The word comes from of a sentence written by Herodotus that I keep on my wall. Yes, that Herodotus. To find out why I call my blog Backwater, go here. It was my first blog post many years ago.