A fist full of ideas

I was going over my computer, cleaning things up while I was waiting for a very large file to upload, and I noticed my writing program (Nisus Writer Express) had about 20 files open. Part of the way I work is to leave open files of stories or ideas so that I run across them every time I start the program. As a system its a bit chaotic, but its helps me remember the odd idea. But 20 is a bit more than I need, and it was starting to clog up my screen space. So I started going through them, and you know what? There’s some really cool ideas on my computer just waiting for me to have time to flesh them out. Like a time traveling princess who becomes an ambassador, or the geek guy whose first date with a hot girl ends with piles of dead zombies. Its funny how quickly I forget.

I’m still working on my middle grade novel, Order the Goddess of Small Machines. I got in a few chapters yesterday. I’m up to 17 I think. I doubt it will get over 25, so I’m on the home stretch. Alas, rereading the beginning the other day proved to me that the first few chapters need some serious clean-up. Once I get through that I’m thinking of putting it up here a chapter at a time. What do you think?